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主題: Camel K on KNative

講者: Christina Lin

Christina Lin is the Technical Marketing Manager for Red Hat Middleware Integration Products. She helps to grow market awareness and establish thought leadership for Fuse, AMQ and 3scale. By creating online videos, getting started blogs and also spoke at many conference around the globe. She has worked in software integration for the finance, telecom, and manufacturing industries, mostly architectural design and implementation. These real life system experiences helps her to be practical and combining open source technology, she hopes to bring more innovative ideas for the future system development.


Last decade it was all about SOA and ESB. Now we have microservices and cloud native, But the integration problem does not magically goes away when you place your microservices on the cloud. Apache Camel turns the complex inter-system connect problem into simple declaration lightweight app by applying Enterprise Integration Patterns(EIP). Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard for container orchestration on the cloud. In the session, we will discuss how to do integration has evolved in the cloud native era. Integration will become a key component in serverless movement, as orchestration become with functions. And demos on how Apache Camel can help solving these problems with Introducing Camel K on KNative.


主題: Spring Cloud Stream 介紹

講者: 朱尚禮


介紹 Spring Cloud Stream 目的與功能,
以及一些常見的 MQ 機制如何在 Spring Cloud Stream 來實現,
ex: Retry, Dead-letter queues


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