TWJUG 2018 六月份聚會




主題: Building Asynchronous Microservices with Armeria (英文議程)

講者: Trustin Lee 

Trustin is a software engineer at LINE who works on Armeria and Central Dogma.
He is also known as the founder of Netty project and the co-founder of Apache MINA.


Let us introduce Armeria, LINE's open-source reactive asynchronous microservice framework based on Java, Netty, HTTP/2, gRPC and Thrift.
We will have a quick tour of Armeria's easy-to-learn yet powerful features such as distributed tracing and service discovery, as well as learning why asynchronous and reactive microservice framework is important for services at any scale


主題:Central Dogma: LINE's Git-based highly-available service configuration repository (英文議程)

講者:Minwoo Song
Minwoo is a software enginner at LINE who works on Armeria and Central Dogma.
He is interested in reactive programming, asynchronous and event-driven I/O, HTTP/2 and TCP congestion control.
He is focused on making Armeria as the world's best Java framework for high performance asynchronous microservice with his teammates, Trustin and Hyangtack.


In this session, we introduce Central Dogma, LINE's open-source multi-master replicated highly-available version-controlled service configuration repository based on Git, ZooKeeper and HTTP/2.
As well as the features of Central Dogma, we also show the positive changes Central Dogma brought to us both in engineering and configuration management workflow perspective.


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