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講者: kaif@kaif



做為一個senior engineer或architect,在這個過多UGC (user-generated content)、大資料和物聯網的時代,要規劃系統中的儲存架構偶爾不能單純靠掛幾顆硬碟或NAS就可以輕鬆搞定了,有時候我們的stack需要更強大的storage!這時候不提AWS S3實在說不過去,但在許多考量機敏資料、業主需求或是legacy system的情境,簡約的mogilefs或許會是更合適的選擇~這次分享除了mogilefs,會多著墨於moji,讓java user可以自然的存取mogilefs,另外也會講一些可靠度的經驗。如果您對架構設計有興趣或是什麼都要管的full stack engineer歡迎一起來聊聊~



主題:Agile Microservices Management

講者:Marcus Schiesser

Glasnostic CTO
Marcus came from Germany to work as a Manager for Kosmos Systems in Taiwan.

He's using Java till its first release in 1996 and is co-author of the first German book on Java EE 7: Workshop Java EE 7.

Lately he is specializing on microservices which brought him to co-found the startup Glasnostic.


Adopting microservices has transformed how we deliver software but running a large number of services isn’t exactly easy: troubled services can lead to unexpected cascading failures and the explosion of connectivity in such architectures is near impossible to manage or monitor. Important questions such as “who is generating all this traffic?”, “which services are responsible for our massive Amazon bill?” and “how will this deployment affect our current service landscape?” remain unanswered.
Glasnostic solves these issues by managing the communication between services in real time, thus bringing visibility and control to modern distributed assemblies.
In this talk I will give an introduction to Glasnostic and show how its novel approach to microservices management helps developers and operations teams run dynamic service landscapes.



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cacaFly 國際交誼廳 / 106台北市大安區敦化南路二段2號 16樓

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