TWJUG 2016 四月份聚會





主題: Event-Sourcing and Microservices (in Java) 

講者: Ralph - 

Ralph is senior technical leader at Senacor Technologies in Germany. His daily business covers the whole life cycle of software engineering from business analysis via architecture planning and software design to production delivery and post production support, also including coaching in those areas. Ralph is a strong supporter of agile methodologies and lightweight but nonetheless highly scaleable architectures. 
Currently, Ralph is working for a large taiwanese financial institute. His goal is to introduce new technologies and new methodologies to make the company ready for the upcoming challenges of digitization. 

簡介: Why do we build applications based on microservices? To gain flexibility and resilience - that’s what everybody tells us. But building and application with a lot of microservices leads to a highly distributed system - and distribution hurts! How can we keep dependencies between microservices at the lowest possible level and how can we reduce communication between them? We will have a look at „Event-Sourcing“ as a possible (and very cool) technique for asynchronous communication and data exchange/replication between microservices - in theory and also in code.


主題:Basic Knowledge of OpenGL ES

講者:Charlie Tsai - 


簡介:OpenGL這個詞想必大家都不陌生,世上絕大多數的電腦畫面都是出自其手*。你是否曾想用它畫出酷炫的畫面,卻發現連它的Hello world都看不懂呢?本主題將嘗試帶聽者跨過OpenGL世界巨大的門檻,同時也能了解電腦生成圖像的基本概念。# 範例將以Android平台展示。

* Windows家族例外



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cacaFly 國際交誼廳 / 106台北市大安區敦化南路二段2號 16樓

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