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Topic:Caching and Computing - made Distributed by Hazelcast 

Summary: The speed at which today’s evolving data is exploding (90% of all data was collected in last 2 years), imposes complex business problems that prevailing technology platforms can not address. This is preventing Enterprises from quickly extracting business value from this data. This poses further challenges as the value of data decreases if duration of taking action on the data increases. In this talk, we will learn how Hazelcast addresses these problems and help Enterprises overcome the challenges of extracting business value from massive scale data. 

We will get introduced to Distributed Systems and In-Memory Computing with Hazelcast. This talk will cover some familiar distributed data structures like Maps, Lists, Queues etc along with running complex business algorithms in parallel over a Hazelcast cluster by using Distributed Executor Service, EntryProcessors and In-Memory MapReduce. You will learn to easily scale your standalone applications to enterprise-wide utility to:

• seamlessly share Terabytes of in-memory data between many applications

• create multi-application processes that operate faster and more fluidly than with traditional databases

• easily share computational execution among applications and scale in runtime to hundreds of cores to achieve massive scale proportions 

This talk will enable you to get started exploring Hazelcast and give your project a jump start in application speed and scale. And you will discover that using Hazelcast absolutely defies the common notion of Distributed programming being hard. 


Speaker:Rahul Gupta, Senior Solution Architect   

Rahul is a technology-driven professional with 12+ years of experience in building and architecting highly scalable and concurrent, low latency business critical distributed infrastructure. His expertise lies in Big Data and Real Time Analytics space where he specializes in big data governing technologies and Enterprise Architecture. Rahul is an expert in working with decision makers across different business verticals within an organization and guiding them in right decision making through in-depth technical understanding, analysis and evaluation procedures to bring home critical deals with high business values.


講題: (How to Write a (Lisp) Interpreter (in Java))


有人開玩笑地說: "在一個足夠複雜的系統中, 總是可以發現半個 Lisp 的蹤跡". 在這次的一個小時裡, 我們將從零開始, 逐步建立起自己的語言.

講者: LCamel - 程式愛好者. 目前任職於某電商公司.



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