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JVM debugging under the hood

If you are like me, then the debugger is your absolute favourite tool. But how does the Java debugger really work ? For instance, why do some conditional breakpoints severely slow down the code? We will look at how the debugger and the JVM interact to carry out common tasks such as: 

* breakpoints  
* stepping 
* code evaluation 
* value modification 
* heap reference traversal 
* hot code replacement 

 Finally, we will show how will experiment with the debug interface ourselves to improve debugging and capture more precise information:  

* Record stack frames with values. 
* specify NullPointerException cause. 

 Come along to see the power of the Java debugger unleashed.

講者:Martin Skarsaune

Martin is a passionate software developer working for Kantega. His primary interest is programming languages. Other exotic things to note about him, is that he is fluent in Chinese and Smalltalk (programming language!)


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